Lourens International Hotels was conceptualized and formed by Brandon Lourens (CEO) fifteen years ago. The concept of a hotel consulting, management and marketing company come from 25 years experience in the hospitality sector in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. The company is set up to develop, open, then manage and market hotels. Lourens International Hotels’ infrastructure of consultants and staff ensures that the developer has one contact to put his project together, not only overseeing the development, but also the operational and marketing aspects of his new or current business. CEO Brandon Lourens and Managing Director Anton Perold have been involved with the opening, renovation and re-launch of various leading hotels in Africa. Lourens International Hotels focuses on the need for developers to have access to experience and knowledge of the hospitality industry and insight into the needs of the market. Lourens International Hotels also assists with cost effective planning of new developments, not only to create a hotel, lodge or resort, but to have a practical revenue generating establishment that has all the aspects to ensure a functional, practical but also a viable investment.