Alphonse Island Resort

Alphonse Island lies in the heart of the Indian Ocean, 7 degrees south of the equator and 450 Km south-west of Mahe. The hotel is located on the seat side of the island and features 25 individual Chalets and 5 Executive Villas, built alongside the lagoon and the beach. The design offers a superb combination of luxury and originality, creating a unique ambience.

The Chalets rest on pillars, each has a thatched roof and private verandah. The Executive Villas are more spacious and modern, with the centre point of each villa being a large terrace with a private Jacuzzi.

The restaurant ‘Bijoutier’ opens onto the lagoon and the swimming pool. It offers refined cuisine that combines the best of local Crecole favours with strong international influences. The bar, ‘Le Lys’, located in the heart of the hotel, is the perfect place to meet fellow guests and discuss the catch or dive of the day, whilst sampling one of the cocktails prepared by the barman.